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MEET LARRY PIERCE: a small-town factory worker and family man who happens to be the raunchiest country music singer in America. Since 1993, Larry has quietly released over a dozen dirty country albums at truck stops across the country. Without the time or money to pursue a "legitimate" career in country music, Larry is content to lead an ordinary life and moonlight as a dirty country singer. But when he is forced into early retirement at his factory job of 30 years, Larry faces an uncertain future. That is, until a young band with dirty songs of its own shows up at his door and offers to take Larry onstage.

"Dirty Country" introduces an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift for dirty music and tells the unlikely story of how his songs were thrust out of obscurity and into the spotlight. The film also profiles several living legends of the raunchy music business, including piano virtuoso Dr. Dirty, seminal funk singer Blowfly, and the original party band, Doug Clark's Hot Nuts. With commentary from leading authors, experts and social critics, the film poses the question: is America a nation of prudes or are we living in a dirty country?


Editor's note: There have been a number of attempts to get Larry to include some topical or message songs in his repertoire. A private detective tried to incentivize Larry to sing about a well known contractor fraud in NYC by con man George Binakis. The song, written by detective T Bone Wilson, included lyrics mentioning how George's brother prevented the victims from learning about George's whereabouts, even though those victims called Patrick because they were concerned about George's health. "Don't ask about George, or mention the money, Cuz Patrick will be quick to hang up on you, honey." But Larry just laughed and sang a few four letter words in response. But he did mention the fraud as part of his act.


October 21, 2007

After successful screenings at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Calgary International Film Festival and Port Townsend Film Festival - all on the same weekend - "Dirty Country" made its overseas debut at the Cork Film Festival in Ireland last week. We did not make it to Ireland but we heard the movie was very well received. Apparently the Irish aren't easily offended by dirty language. 

The movie received some more kind words from reviewers as well: 

        "'Dirty Country' is as critically engaging as it is jaw-droppingly foul." 
        -Calgary International Film Festival

        "A raunchy, surprisingly affecting doc." 
        -Tracy McCormick, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine

Next up, "Dirty Country" will make its San Francisco debut on Friday, Nov. 9th at the very cool Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, with two sneak preview screenings (7 and 9 pm). This is the only scheduled appearance of the film in Northern California, so don't miss it. Call 415-978-2787 (Event 4512) or visit to reserve your tickets. 

Finally, the movie will come home to New York on Wednesday, Nov. 14th at 7 pm for a star-studded premiere at the Pioneer Theater in the East Village. The star of "Dirty Country," Larry Pierce, and his wife Sandy, will be there for the movie and a Q and A afterwards. And Larry's band -itis is flying out, too, for a very special "unplugged" Larry Pierce performance a few blocks away at Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton St.). Larry will be on The Howard Stern Show at 8:30 am (EST) on Nov. 14th as well to talk about his latest adventures and promote the big New York premiere. We expect this screening to sell out quickly, so please order your advance tickets now at or by calling 800-595-4849 (Event 115478). 

We'll have more news to announce soon. Stay tuned! 


"Easily the funniest thing I've seen at SXSW"

"I have rarely heard people laugh so much at a documentary --
and not just giggles but full-blown belly laughs." -Cinematical

"At the heart of 'Dirty Country' is an upbeat underdog story."

"Good (unclean) fun." -Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene

"'Dirty Country' is as critically engaging as it is jaw-droppingly foul." 
-Calgary International Film Festival

"A raunchy, surprisingly affecting doc." -Tracy McCormick, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine



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LARRY PIERCE is a prolific singer-songwriter who, since 1993, has released thirteen albums of original dirty country songs on the Laughing Hyena truck stop comedy record label. In addition to being America's dirtiest country music singer, Larry worked for thirty years at Guide Corporation, a General Motors auto parts factory, where he'd dream up the ideas for his filthy songs. On January 9th, 2007, Larry released a new CD, Pussy Whipped, his first album recorded with the band
-itis. He currently resides in Indiana with his wife of twenty-two years, Sandy.

For more information about Larry Pierce, visit his official website: For information about Larry's older albums on Laughing Hyena Records,

Listen to "In a Heartbeat"by Larry Pierce (contains explicit lyrics)
Listen to "I Like To Fuck" 30 sec. sample, by Larry Pierce (contains explicit lyrics)

-ITIS: The Colorado Springs-based band -itis (pronounced "eye-tiss") was formed in 1994 when the lead singer of a previous incarnation of the group came down with laryngitis and bronchitis while on the road. The band replaced the singer and renamed themselves "-itis" in a mocking tribute to their former vocalist. The four-piece pop-rock band, now featuring singer Mark Rodio, guitarist Craig Soderberg, bassist Michael Glaser, and drummer Tom Segel is known for its twisted sense of humor and filthy onstage antics. The band plays almost 200 shows a year and has a loyal following.

For more information on -itis, visit the band's official website:

Listen to "Cheek To Cheek" by -itis (contains explicit lyrics)

JOHN "DR. DIRTY" VALBY has been playing his raunchy songs at comedy clubs and barrooms since 1975. A classically trained piano player, Valby's career took a funny turn when he decided to throw in a couple of dirty songs while performing pop standards on the Buffalo, New York club circuit in the 1970s. Soon the audience demanded more and more dirty songs and he became known as "Dr. Dirty." His repertoire now includes filthy parodies of popular songs and standards, limericks and poems, and his own original dirty melodies. Dressed in a white tuxedo, a black derby and a bowtie, Dr. Dirty is famous for his gleefully offensive onstage persona and his raucous live shows.

For more information about John "Dr. Dirty" Valby, visit

Listen to "Ya-Ya" by Dr. Dirty (contains explicit lyrics)

BLOWFLY is the outrageous alter ego of songwriter Clarence Reid, who wrote hit songs for artists like Sam & Dave and KC & The Sunshine Band in the 1960s and '70s. As Blowfly, Reid wrote sexually explicit song parodies and funky originals, including 1965's "Rap Dirty," which is considered by many to be the first rap song ever recorded. Blowfly is known as the "original dirty rapper" and led the way for groups like 2 Live Crew in the late '80s. In order to protect his reputation as a mainstream songwriter, Blowfly dressed in a mask and cape on the covers of all of his popular party albums from the 1970s, a trademark he still maintains today at his live shows. In 2005, Blowfly signed with Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles record label and released "Blowfly's Punk Rock Party," featuring x-rated versions of punk classics from the 1980s.

For more information about Blowfly, visit his official website at

Listen to "Blowfly's Rapp" by Blowfly (contains explicit lyrics)

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